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Hi, I’m Krista Elsta. 

And I am a designer.

I hail from Latvia, specifically born in Liepāja, a coastal city nestled along the Baltic Sea. 

I am a city girl through and through, but I also have a deep appreciation for nature and the tranquility it offers. The city’s vibrance, the lively people and the many things in it inspire my creativity. My admiration for the elegance of Japanese artistry, particularly the craft of origami, and the practicality inherent in northern designs, are the guiding principles behind my own design philosophy. 

What sets Krista Elsta Knitwear apart? I was asked the question many times and my initial response was something like ‘high quality knitwear with an urban vibe at fair prices,’ which is undeniably true. 

But actually Krista Elsta is about ideas, inspiration, possibilities. And a friendly attitude. 

We don’t just want to sell you knitwear. We want to make sure we meet all your needs as much as we can. Our focus is on you, not us. Using more than ten years of production experience and thorough understanding of knitwear, we strive to deliver designs that stand out in terms of quality and functionality.

That’s why we not only create designs, but knitwear you can customize to fit your exact needs. 

That’s why we make a great effort to coordinate colors and materials, so that everything goes well together and you have all the choices you need to suit your style and shape.

That’s why we thoroughly consider every component, detail, line and function to ensure it aligns with your needs. 

That’s why we have the best staff in the world, including our dream team of knitters, offering professional and competent guidance. We can advise you, listening to your needs.

Our commitment is and always will be to deliver you designs that excel in aesthetics, quality and affordability.

Yours sincerely,